Meet Brittnee, a vibrant and dedicated dental professional with a passion for patient care!

For Brittnee, building personal connections with her patients is key to creating a comfortable and relaxed environment. She believes that when patients feel at ease and know their hygienist on a personal level, it fosters a sense of trust and enhances the overall dental experience. Comfort, respect, and consistency are the cornerstones of Brittnee’s approach, ensuring her patients feel cared for and eagerly look forward to their dental visits.

Outside of her professional life, Brittnee embraces her adventurous spirit. She finds solace in the great outdoors, whether it’s camping amidst nature’s beauty or casting a line while fishing. Spending quality time with her friends and family brings her immense joy, as they share laughter and create lasting memories together. Additionally, Brittnee has a wanderlust for exploring new destinations, adding an exciting dash of travel to her life’s experiences.

Brittnee’s vibrant personality, coupled with her commitment to patient comfort and well-being, makes her a valuable asset to our dental team. When you visit our practice, you can trust that Brittnee will go above and beyond to ensure your dental journey is as enjoyable as possible.